Saturday, August 13, 2011

A project for next summer

I've always wanted to make a "Disappearing 9-Patch" quilt, so when Joanne's had some bundled fabric on sale, I decided it was time. I chose patriotic prints, as you can see. I cut the 9 pieces of fabric (actually, there were 7 in the bundle, I think, and I added 2 more fat quarters) the same size then sewed  a big 9-patch quilt with them. (Not so big, really--it's about 60x60 inches.) It is nicely ironed at this point, and this is as far as I'm going this year with it.

I haven't taken my Fourth-of-July decor up into the attic yet, but I just thought I won't put this in with those items, after all. If I take it out before Memorial Day (when the first patriotic decor goes up) it will never be finished in time.

So I think I will put it in with my Easter/Spring decorations. Or maybe St. Patrick's Day...that will certainly give me plenty of time to work on it!

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