Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apron part III or so

I think it's fun to make multi-colored bias tape with fabric scraps. This is the binding that goes around the apron. 
There are many excellent tutorials on line to make bias tape, especially the continuous kind. Mine is in sections, obviously. You simply fold your fabric into a triangle so that the lengthwise grain edge meets the crosswise edge. The slanted fold is now your bias. If you measure along this fold, remember to only  measure half the width of your tape! (When you open the fold out, obviously you'll now have the full size.) I measured an inch from the fold to get a 2-inch-wide strip.
Then, being somewhat impatient and non-fussy, I just used that 2-inch strip  to mark off more 2-inch strips. (I do like wide bias tape, LOL!) Then I just sewed the strips together. (I'm thinking of making templates for this in various widths out of cardboard.)
As you can see above, I folded the long strip in half and ironed it. Then I folded the raw edges into the center. (That step is obviously the top photo.)  The result you get is super-cute, original and colorful bias tape!
I took pictures of the apron, which is now finished except for the ties. I either have to plow through my fabric stash and find something to match or go out an buy ribbon. (For all the ribbon I have, nothing works with this, LOL!) Pictures tomorrow, I promise!

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  1. Well, you might as well have written in Chinese because I don't sew, but I love all the wonderful things you can do - the sky's the limit! Enjoy your apron making :-) Have a happy week!