Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and Thanks

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. It never occurred to me that there is a lot going on this time of the year. Since I no longer have kids in school, I don't think about end-of-the-year activities or graduations. We aren't doing much this summer so I don't have vacation in my head, either, although I hope to visit a friend's Upstate (NY) home for a few days. And to go antiquing with her--she says there's lots of fun places to do that!

Mike has enjoyed a nice Father's Day. My sil and bil (Mike's brother) put out an amazing mid-day spread of clams, mussels, king crab legs (!)  and other appetizers. So we are just eating very lightly for dinner tonight. I'll make Mike something another day.

I gave my nephew his finger puppets and he loved them. He's such a nice kid. No matter how many toys he has, he is always pleasant and grateful when you give him something. There's nothing like a 'thanks' and a sweet smile from an almost-6-year-old!


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