Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Gift Made

When I was a little kid, I just loved miniature versions of 'real' items. It was fun pretending to be a grownup and playing 'house.' Does anyone play 'house' any more?

I bought a huge box of grocery toys on the after-clearance rack at Target last January. There are about 100 pieces of various food, including the cute brand-name ones you see above. It cost me about $3.

I don't know any parent that would appreciate having to pick up 100 little toys, so I'm dividing it up. I made one grocery bag and filled it for the kids at work.

This one is for a little girl who just turned 3. Her aunt is my daughter's maid of honor and her mom is a bride's maid. I have babysat both Julianna and her cousin Angelina over the years.

The bag was super simple. You just need 2 pieces of felt. I cut about an inch off the top of each piece which I used for the handles. The bag is simply sewn on 3 sides, with the bottoms squared off.

All told this cost less than $2 to make, but I think Julie will enjoy 'shopping' for her pretend groceries!


  1. Kids must still play house, Toys R Us has a whole isle or awesome pretend things, ranging from groceries to cleaning supplies. Man, if only we had that stuff,. then again, when we played grocery store or the market, we used leaves and grass and flowers that we would "farm" from the fields and the forest and had just as much fun. Nice present, bthw!

  2. What a fantastic gift for a little girl.......when I worked in a local nursery school role-play was considered a very important play activity for small children. I'm sure both girls will get lots of fun out of playing with their shopping bags full of groceries.
    florrie x

  3. That little girl is going to love that. When I worked at the day care little girls would play "kitchen" for hours.

  4. When I was little, instead of calling it playing "house", we called it playing "Mrs." I'm not sure whywe did because I've never heard anyone else calling it that.

    I think little ones still like to play house, and your little friends are sure to love this.

  5. Love it, Mom2Fur! Not only the bargain you got on the faux groceries, but creating your own eco-bag. I think you'd be everyone's favorite aunt or grandmama!

  6. What a fabulous idea for a present! I, too, loved to" play store." I still remember the best gift my sisters and I got one Christmas was a little cardboard counter with a cash register, shopping cart, and fake food. It was heaven! Glad I found your blog and thanks for your comment on mine!