Saturday, January 19, 2013

Krochet Kitty

"Crochet Today!" Magazine has been running a series about a little cat named Coco who travels the world. This is my attempt at her. Theirs is gray, mine brown. I kind of messed up the legs and made them too short, so I've decided this is Coco's kitten, Cocopuff. The original Coco has safety eyes, but I didn't feel like sending away for them so I just used felt. I also replaced the little crocheted duck in Coco's bag with a baguette made from Paperclay and some flowers.
Check out Coco's adventures in the magazine. I think you can access pictures right on their site. You'll see their Coco is pretty different from mine, but that's okay. We all work with what we have!

Here, Cocopuff has gone on a visit to Paris. While Mommycat shops at Galeries Lafayette, Cocopuff decided she wanted a little bread to snack on!
I am also working on other countries as Crochet Today comes up with them, including Russia and Holland! Cocopuff is a project I do between big ones (almost done with baby blanket 2) so I hope to have a new outfit ready to show you soon!


  1. Very cute, M2F,.......and the short legs don't bother me at all.

    cr :)