Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Cooking

If you want to know the rest of the story, besides killing time with crafts and crochet, you can visit my other blog. Meantime, here we go.

Sorry there are no pictures. I don't feel like it right now. Tired and maybe coming down with a cold. But it's been too long since I posted!

Okay, so...earlier in the Fall I had purchased a magazine from Taste of Home about "Ultimate Freezer Cooking." I made a few of the recipes and froze some small casseroles.

You don't know how great those have come in this past week! We've been without power, and even with a brand-new generator I still can't cook in the house. (Too much of a drain on the genny.) So we've been making big use of the barbecue.

Since my chest freezer doesn't get power from the generator (it's too far away from the source) many things are thawing out. Luckily, I didn't have much in the way of meat in there, and pretty much was able to salvage most of it.

I've been transferring the casseroles into a metal 9X11 pan and cooking them on the grill. We've had baked cavatelli (think, baked ziti with a different pasta) and Pesto Parmesan chicken. Chili mac is another upcoming meal. I also have some pulled pork to cook.

The East coast was hit two years in a row by hurricanes. The last serious one I remember was back around 1984! Will it happen again next year? I don't know, but I do know I'm going to start making and freezing casseroles again. If we aren't hit, no loss as they will be winter dinners. And if we are, we'll be ready--provided we remember to fill the propane tank for the grill, LOL!

If you've read this far, maybe you'll appreciate this caveat:

You know the trick where you line a casserole with foil, freeze the casserole, then lift it out? So you can put it back in the casserole when you're ready to cook? It doesn't work if the food thaws out...and you pick the damned thing up and it opens...

You get the picture. A lovely mess to clean up in the bottom of the freezer. Next year, I'll put the foil package in another, plastic bag!

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  1. Claire!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you checked in here and that you are okay. I'm sorry you are without power, but so thankful your house is standing. Praying for you!