Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Red Hats

Even though I'm working on learning the circular knitting thing, I'm always happier just plain flat knitting. So finding a hat pattern to play with on regular needles is awesome. This is adapted from the September issue of Creative  Knitting --'adapted' because my yarn started doing weird things, but the pattern still looked nice enough. The original is a more even rib.
It is worked with bulky (size 5) yarn on size 9 needles. You knit for 7 inches then start to decrease--finally gathering up the top and just sewing down the side. Because the 'flat' part is 7 inches, I'm doing an inch a day on the second hat. For this one, I've 'created' my own pattern--a basket weave 'brim' worked over 60 stitches (the original calls for about 75; I'm experimenting here)--alternating 6 purls and 6 knits for the first six or so rows, then reversing this for another six rows. The rest will be garter stitch. I'm lazy that way.This is a super-fast hat to make, especially with the use of bulky yarn. It's a great pattern for charity work.

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  1. M2F, I am delighted to see that you are not afraid to try something entirely different, instead of following a pattern stitch by stitch. This is what CREATIVITY is really all about! :)

    Cute hat too!