Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning to knit in circles

After several false starts, I think I've finally gotten the 'gist' of knitting on circular needles! There is a big rule that you want to make sure your cast on stitches never twist. If they do, you end up with this weird figure-8 thing you can't fix. I thought I had that 'down,' until I got to about the 10th round and saw the twist. Grrrr! I had been SO careful! Now I realize that when you are casting on circular needles, you can't be distracted. You might think everything's going in the same direction, but there will be that one rogue stitch that will totally mess you up!
So when I cast on this one, I checked every two or three stitches. Success!

This isn't any particular project. I am just practicing the technique. It's too small for a hat and the wrong color for a baby. (Could be for a doll, though.) I might just make it into a little pouch. 
I have also learned how to cast onto double-pointed needles, but that's another post!

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  1. Looking' good, M@F! Always good to learn new things! :)