Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Blanket Gift

Dr. A loved the baby blanket I made for her granddaughter. I almost didn't give it. When I laid it out, it was a little crooked. I think I am my worst critic. I actually started a new baby blanket and brought it to Ohio to work on. Got 20 rows done there. But when I got home I realized, at the rate I work on things, it would be 2 weeks or more before I finished it. And I have Christmas things to work on.

So I looked at the original blanket again and decided that only a judge in a contest would find it's flaws.  Most people that I know personally wouldn't even know how to hold a crochet hook, let alone make a blanket. I have to stop being my own worst critic. This is why I haven't started an Etsy shop yet, despite joining. Nothing that I make, to me, is good enough to sell. 

But, like I said, the baby blanket was a hit. So now I have a half-finished one for a future baby, too! I put it away with notes about the hook, yarn and pattern. Something to work in next January!


  1. There's no doubt the blanket will be loved and cherished. I bet its perfect.

    Thanks for your sweet comment about Mama. :o)

  2. M2F, even slightly imperfect, anything handmade is a MUCH better gift than something "perfect", yet mass-produced from a box store. And I mean that sincerely! BTW, If you look at items on Etsy long enough, you'll see a lot of vintage items that aren't perfect, but are still very lovely and desirable. Hey, doesn't that sound like you and me and all our friends? We're aging like a fine wine and our corks haven't fallen off yet! ;D



  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by Redo 101 and being inspired by felt - yes I love felt as much as you do, it is so much fun to work with, and so easy. I was just looking up more patterns on the internet to make more ornaments :) Have fun making yours!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  4. Thanks for all the sweet comments. The blanket was very much appreciated, which makes me very happy!