Sunday, September 11, 2011

Diaper Cake Finished

The baby shower was supposed to be today. Dr. A had rented tents for the back yard, and I brought the 'cake' over last night. The only problem is...
Baby Riya decided to be born 3 weeks early! She came into the world yesterday morning weighing 4 pounds and change. She's totally healthy, Thank God. So she'll be using the diapers sooner than we expected. The booties (which I made myself since I refused to pay what they're asking for plain old ordinary ones) won't fit her for months, LOL! I didn't even ask if she has hair. In fact, I almost forgot to ask her name! I guess I'm as surprised as anyone. 

So her birthdate is 9-10-11. How's that for an easy date to remember?


  1. That is PRECIOUS! I love the little, subtle embellishments you added, such as the feeding spoons! How very cool! Those booties are just too cute! Now, you sure can't buy something like that at the stores! Was the shower rescheduled? Can the cake be saved for the shower? It should be a fun time, with the little guest of honor at the shower, to share in the fun!!! Abi was just as bad; she decided to come just a few days AFTER the shower. It was a close call, since we had a few false alarms just before the shower. LOL!